Every two-way radio user is different and their requirement varies as per the industry. However, one common thing in each of them is that they all need a reliable, effective, and secure device to communicate with their team or workforce.

To give you an example, a manufacturing unit would require a radio that is effective in a loud environment whereas a retail outlet would prefer to get a radio that is good for discrete communication amongst users.

If you own a two-way radio, then you should know about the various added benefits that accessories could provide. An additional advantage of extra coverage, clear communication, extended battery life, more durability, etc. can be availed with the help of these accessories. Your simple two-way radio can easily become a super tool with the addition of advanced equipment.

The most popular two-way radio accessories are batteries, handheld speakers or microphones, carrying cases, chargers, antennas, etc. Please note that the accessories are not limited to the ones we mentioned and many others are added frequently in the list because of modern inventions.

This blog covers all the popular radio accessories that you would require at your business places. We have also explained the advantage of having each of these. So don’t wait up! Read further to find out more.


All two-way radios function with one of its most important components i.e. an Antenna. These days most professional radios come with a detachable antenna. The basic purpose of this is to allow you to accessorize your radio with the antenna that enhances its utility for you.

For those users who are constantly on the move and require unlimited range, you can opt for a stubby antenna. It is compact and doesn’t get stuck on clothing or other objects.

If you are looking for enhanced quality and better range, then you can purchase a whip antenna. It has a farther reach compared to other antennas.


Batteries are considered to be a very important component in a two-way radio. They allow your device to function for about eight to ten-hour with constant power supply. You will have to recharge them eventually to use the radio again. Sometimes, you would require to use the radio for a longer duration. There a several ways to make provision for this.

  • You can keep a backup battery per radio so that you have an additional power supply.
  • There are several high-capacity batteries available that have almost double the capacity of a regular battery. You can procure these as an additional accessory and use them with your two-way radio.
  • Several radio models can carry an alkaline battery tray as an accessory. The design of the tray is such that it can fit into the radio’s battery slot. With the use of a AAA battery, you can use the radio for a little longer period. It is a very beneficial accessory that can be used during emergencies.

Multi-unit Chargers

In industries like production houses or TV shows, the use of multiple radios is common. The most difficult part is to keep them charged at all times. A multi-unit charge comes in handy at such places. It has enough space to allow you to charge multiple radios at once.

This radio accessory is very helpful when you want to build a charging station that can act as a hub for any radio fleet. It also helps you to keep them organized.


Radio communication is normally audible to everyone nearby since it is broadcasted to the speaker of the radios. For industries like retail, discrete or low-volume communication is of the essence. An earpiece is an ultimate tool for such utility. Only the wearer can hear the communication and hence solving the purpose.

This radio accessory is lightweight and portable. You have the option to choose from various types like single-wire, double-wire, D-Style, surveillance, etc.


Using a two-way radio in a noisy environment like factories or construction sites is very difficult. The constant sound of machines and equipment makes it challenging to communicate. Earpieces and headsets are the optional accessories that can be used during these sites. A disadvantage to using earpiece is that it is not noise-free. Headsets, on the other hand, provide an optimum solution for such purposes.

You can choose from two styles i.e. light-duty or heavy-duty. Light duty headsets are suitable for office workers who can communicate with the other radio users and keep their hands free for other tasks like working on a computer. Whereas, heavy-duty headsets are built to perform efficiently in a noisy environment for clear communication. They are noise-free and hence can eliminate the outside disturbance.


Speaker Microphones (Mics)

This radio accessory comes in handy at workplaces with varying noise levels. You can connect to any radio device with it and can be worn near a collar or a strap near your shoulders. It should be placed such that you should be able to broadcast or receive messages easily.

You will find it easier to communicate at low volumes in a quiet workplace and can adjust the volume as the outside disturbance increases.

Another advantage of speaker mics is that you do not need to remove them now and again from your belt. This also helps to protect against the potential damage from the dropping of radio.

Carrying Cases

A radio is an investment and it should be protected at all times. To ensure its durability and proper functioning, you should have the carrying cases for your two-way radios.

These cases are very helpful in protecting your radio for daily wear and tear, dust, scratches, etc. They help you keep your radios intact for longer duration and hence enhances its life.

If you want to move from one job site to another and need to carry multiple radios along, then you can purchase hard travel cases. They can store four to six radios and have a soft foam lining in the interiors to provide maximum protection during transport.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that this write-up helped to understand the various options in the form of radio accessories available to you and their advantage.

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