An intercom system assists in developing two-way communication throughout a building or campus. It is most commonly found in production houses, television shootings, events, shows, hospitals, schools, offices & other large buildings, ships & liners, and even in homes. Simply with the push of a button, an intercom system assists people in different rooms to communicate with each other virtually in an instant.
The amazing news is, the intercom has not become prevalent not only in workplaces but also in every household. Hence, it becomes essential to have the right knowledge while choosing the right intercom system that suits your needs.
The basic purpose of this blog is to help you simplify the selection process. We have put down a few simple steps that would make it very easy for you to choose the right intercom system as per your requirement.
Read ahead and peruse the details to your advantage.

Determine Your Budget

This is the most important thing do to before shopping for an intercom system. Keep this in mind: the type, the make, the brand, and features of an intercom system will largely depend on the budget you are willing to spend on it.

Know the Intercom System Thoroughly

Different brands may have different systems. However, the basic components will remain the same. The basic arts of an intercom consist of:

The Master Station

It is also termed as the central control panel. From the name, you might have got an idea that this unit controls the entire system. You may even call it the “brain” of an intercom system.

The Sub-Stations/Door Stations

These are also known as speakers or slave units. The peculiar thing about sub-stations/door stations is that they are connected to the control panel.

The Power Supply

From the name you might have understood that the power supply feeds power to all the units so that they can function properly.

For choosing the right intercom systemyou need to be aware of the above details.

Ascertain the Range that You Wish For

Different intercom systems have varying ranges. Some even reach approximately 1,000 feet (or 304.8 meters). Hence, it is essential to select the range of your intercom system. This depends on their use and purpose which can vary from room to room, floor to floor, and even as far as from one building to another.

Let’s now look at the reasons due to which intercoms are used for commercial purposes:

  • To connect different rooms
  • For staff co-ordination
  • Television shootings
  • Production films
  • To connect different floors
  • To connect rooms to a central office
  • To broadcast announcements
  • As a public address system

Ascertain its Compatibility with your Home/building structure

If you wish your intercom to deliver a good sound quality then it depends on the structure of your home/building. However, keep this in mind that obstacles like metal walls may interfere with the signals and prevent your intercom system from producing a crystal clear sound.

Select the Desired Type of Intercom System – Hard-wired or wireless

Hard-Wired or Traditional Intercom Systems

These types of intercom systems need wires to connect the entire system that is installed throughout your home/building. The good news is, these intercoms provide minimum interference and/or restrictions. But, hard-wired intercoms can be costly to install. They can be more expensive than the actual cost of the unit! They can also prove to be less convenient, as all the wires run throughout the walls and ceilings.

Wireless Intercom Systems

These units are more costly than the traditional, hard-wired ones. However, they require simple installation. Simply plug them to a power source, and you’re all set!

Ascertain the Power Supply to be used
Normally, it has been seen that intercom systems can perform with either of the following power sources:

  • An AC power outlet (or a 12 volts DC power supply)
  • Batteries (which require regular replacement)

Ascertain the Product’s Warranty

The longevity of the intercom’s warranty, including the extent of its coverage, showcases the manufacturer’s confidence in the product that they have developed. Ensure that you completely comprehend the clauses and provisions stated in the warranty certificate and that they are not only backed by the manufacturer but also the local dealer (or dealers).

 Purchase an Intercom System Only from Reputed & Experienced Dealers

If you purchase an intercom system from reputed & experienced dealers, they will not only give you several good options but also help you to choose the best intercom in your budget. They would guide you to select an intercom system which is great value for money. We also recommend you deal only with the certified and accredited dealers & manufacturers that have been in this business for a very long time. The reason being, they can not only offer you clear warranty considerations but also extensive after-sales support.

Final Words

By following the criteria that we have mentioned in this write-up, you can ease the process of choosing the right intercom system. This way, you would not only enjoy the benefits of a good intercom system but also not have to worry about any defects in the purchased intercom system.

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